Maximum. Precise. Individual parts.

Manufacturing individual parts requires a maximum degree of flexibility. PWB AG – with its two business sites in Altstätten SG and Pfäffikon ZH – is able to offer you this exceptional flexibility based on a high level of production expertise combined with highly advanced systems technology. We turn, mill, and turn-mill complex individual parts with challenging geometries and surface finish properties.

PWB’s pool of highly automated machinery and associated production processes are state of the art. In our turning area, we use these machines to produce parts with diameters of 8 mm to 650 mm. Our customers from various industries appreciate our closeness as a technology and process partner, especially in the milling of individual parts that range from very small to very large (3.5 meters long) and in the turn-milling of complex components. Together with our customers, we develop and implement highly specialized complete solutions locally in close personal coordination.