Precision on the Web


We have also adopted a brand-new image under the slogan “Always a part of the solution.” This slogan identifies our core expertise as a systems partner. It enables us to make comprehensive solutions possible for our customers where partial solutions do not lead to the desired results. We represent a key component in our customers’ market success with state-of-the-art technology and the know-how of our employees.

Key components of the solution for us at PWB are our employees who – with their professional know-how – develop, implement, and continually optimize our customers’ solutions. Using portraits, we present to you the many different faces that make up our company. They are as confident, friendly, and personal as you are accustomed to in interactions with our project support team. The image motifs accompany all the menu items throughout our new website and give you an idea of how we think and act.

A fresh color scheme – in the colors blue and white, rounded out by gray and black shades – is clearly inspired by our PWB roots. It is based on the logo of the stylized letters p, w, and b, updated with a lot of white space and a look that reflects our enthusiasm for technology.

The contents that we have packed into our website are just as “cool” as we present ourselves visually. You will find exciting information on innovative achievements and technologies such as additive manufacturing and wire eroding. Anyone who would like to become part of our team can get an online perspective of the job opportunities we offer as a complete solutions provider. We hope you enjoy exploring our website, and we welcome your feedback.